João Granja-Correia

I’m currently a PhD candidate at Universidad de Cantabria, where my research focuses on project management and its connection to project success, with a particular interest in understanding the impact of end-user bricolage initiatives on project success.

In addition to my research, I’ve been sharing my knowledge by lecturing on project management at Nova SBE since 2012. I’m also actively involved in the school’s digital transformation initiatives.

Beyond academia, I have a strong interest in R and R development, specializing in creating leadership skills assessment tools and personalized reports. I also contribute as a moderator for SocArXiv, supporting academic collaboration and open science.

My research interests include:

Outside of work, my time is mostly occupied by my three wonderful children, who keep me on my toes and bring joy to my life. I love spending time outdoors, and during the summer, you can often find me at the beach, enjoying the sun, sea, and a good book. I am fluent in English, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish, and I’ve been making an effort to learn Hebrew for the past few years, though progress has been slow.

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